Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sun Tea

Sun Tea can be made with whatever one might make regular tea! Sun tea has a fresh and vibrant taste achieved by the gradual heating of the water- it gently pulls the flavor of the herbs into the water.

I went around my garden and plucked things here and there (except the lemon- I plucked that from the refrigerator).
Here's what's in this tea:

Half of an organic Lemon, sliced very thin
Small handful of Mint
4 Stevia leaves*
1 stem of Thyme
4 Chamomile flowers
1 Lavender flower sprig
1 Raspberry Leaf
1 Strawberry Leaf

Use a big Mason jar. Rinse all the herbs. When putting green leaves into the jar, crush them in your fingers. This will help release the oils. Set outside in the sun, and let it sit there all afternoon. Serve tea over ice and garnish with flowers or fresh herbs.

Sometimes I like to leave mine out all night so it gets moonlight too!

*If you don't have stevie leaves (which make the tea sweet), perhaps try a little dollop of honey or maple syrup instead of the stevia.

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